I can provide shops with a Range of Rocky Roads I have 2 sizes with an extremely high profit margin enquires welcome. Contact Me

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Local Fundraisers

I supply the local team or not for profit organisation my ‘Golden Mile’ flavoured Rocky Road in small.

This is a honeycomb milk chocolate blend that contains no nuts [however may contain trace elements] and is very universally liked. It also is bling with a splatter of real edible gold and packaged in a heat sealed bag inside a gorgeous gift box.

This is a popular locally made Golden Mile Rocky Road is an easy sell for your squad and you will earn $5 per box sold. I believe that kind of profit margin can’t be beat and have witnessed first hand teams be turned around by this level of fundraising cash injection to help with fees, uniforms, club upgrades and all the other things you are needing the funds for.

*Please note that I do not provide Fundraisers the month of December. Feel free to contact me for more details Contact Me