Build Your Own – Rocky Road


Who am I to tell you what Flavour Rocky Road to Eat? – You tell me what you want and your wish is my command You can now tailor your own special flavour made for you or for that someone special.

Here is what you do:

Step 1 – Choose the chocolate flavour you want – easy peasy.

(As it is Rocky Road I will automatically add Fluffy Marshmallows to all orders – unless you ask us not to when you checkout put that in the notes)

Then ┬ájust start building your dream Rocky Road you will need a lolly option or why not a dried fruit, add some crunch for texture are you a nuts person or can we do other things? Do you want to add other chocolate bars… oh yes I think we both know the answer to that!

 The ratios will be quite equal or proportionate so it you have a hankering for it to be extra nuts or lollies then just check the box in Additional Extras and leave that as a comment at the check out and I will make your dream into a reality.

If this is a gift for a special someone leave a comment note at checkout and I will hand write you a special pretty card to go with your special individualised chocolate creation.

All orders will need at least one business day as they are made fresh when ordered.

Check out my other flavour combos for some inspiration.


Chocolate Flavour 300gm * 

Choose One From this Section

Lollies * 

Choose 1 from this Section

Nuts & Crunch * 

Optional Either choose 1 from this section or 1 from added crunch section

Chocolate Extras Toppings

Optional Choose 1 from this section

Coconut Delight

Extra Special – Additional Extras

Additional Special Extras