Sparkle Bake ‘n’ Pop


Hi everybody! Welcome to my brand new venture and website and online store!

I’m so excited to take my business and passion to the next level and see where this exciting adventure leads!

I’ve spent the last couple of years in a joint business with my next door neighbour called The Sparkle Sisters. We co-founded it and collaborated on so many projects together. Internally we always ran it as 2 sole traders doing their own thing but sharing the same banner. We started off planning to do just one market stall for fun then were focusing on mainly food and catering.

I’ve always enjoyed the food side of the business the most, I love cooking and baking and from there I have started to have some fun opportunities doing full kids theme parties. Its this reason I decided it was time to leave the “banner” of Sparkle Sisters and give my full focus on my main loves even though it was a scary decision as I’ve put my heart and soul into it and as with any scary decision there comes doubts and worries, what it boiled down to in the end was a motto ‘Love what you do – Do what you love’. I have this quote framed in my toilet (yes I know I shouldn’t mention toilets in my welcome Blog). So here we are!

The plans I have are – for the website it is an endless work in progress my scrapbook if ideas we are developing an online cake order form with clear price guides and the ability of booking in your own dates. Also to improve the shop part of the site with more yumminess and don’t worry non local friends – some of the yummy will be able to post!!

I also have big plans with donuts which are my obsession at the moment…..don’t get me started more on that later

There will be loads of give- a-ways and competitions to thank and show love to my loyal and amazing followers and supporters.

I’ve changed the structure and pricing for Kids Theme Party Packages to make it easier, better value and just …funner!

I will be sharing more recipes, tips and how to’s on the blog regularly.

So please take a moment to have a look around and browse our site, and we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest on my ongoing adventures.

Stacey xoxo

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